Insurance Companies & Adjusters

Our expertise involves inspections and forensic investigations related to flooring. When involved in legal claims, as an expert witness, consultant or when rendering a third party opinion we pose no conflict of interest because we do not sell or install flooring products, or provide restoration services.

We offer 100% Independent- Neutral- Third party services.
We are regularly commissioned to investigate fraudulent flooring claims, assist in assessing a flooring claim,  or to determine if a flooring product is salvageable. We also inspect flooring for secondary claims after restoration or replacement.

Our inspections and reports are confidential and not disclosed with anyone other than the commissioning party. Unlike others, we are totally independent of any flooring business. Our Company is well established, and owned and operated by Linda Lockwood, an industry expert with over 37 years experience in the flooring industry. We do not employ others to do inspections.  We provide you with comprehensive, detailed, easy to follow reports including test results, digital photos and illustrations.

Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl Tile, VCT Tile, Laminate and Specialty Flooring Claims related to:

  • Allegations of faulty materials and workmanship
  • Cause of loss
  • Claim Consulting
  • Construction Defects
  • Deposition and Litigation Support
  • Fraud
  • Report Review
  • Residential Personal Property and Commercial Property
  • Secondary Claims
  • Slip and Fall
  • Water back-ups and overflows