Tarkett Floor in a Box

Tarkett Floor in a Box

Perfect for the Do-It-Yourself-er

Tile and Plank Flooring- Wood, Metallic, Natural Patterns

Features & benefits

  • Easy to choose from a wide range of design decors
  • Easy to carry small boxes
  • Easy to plan design – 2m² per box for rapid calculation of room requirements
  • Easy to install – strips 22cm wide with self-adhesive backing which can be taken up and re-laid within an hour
  • Easy to care for – simple vacuum or damp mop cleaning

DIY Installation:
What you will need:
A measuring tape, a metal ruler, a knife/cutter, a pencil
(and a pad or cushion for your knees)
Before installation:
Ensure the surface is clean, flat, smooth and dry.

To install :
1. Identify and mark the center point of the room by drawing two perpendicular lines on the floor.
2. Install the first plank or tile from this central point towards the adjacent sides of the room.
3. At wall, draw and then cut the tile to the correct size.
4. Continue to install the remaining floor to ends of the room, taking care when cutting planks or tiles to fit along all walls.

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