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Carpet and Rug Institute members help spread the word about carpet and allergies: Shaw Industries

Hats off to CRI member manufacturer Shaw Industries for helping to promote the good news about carpet, specifically, that people who suffer from allergies do not have to remove their carpets. In fact, some studies show that carpeted rooms may actually have fewer airborne allergies.

A story that appeared on a Houston, Texas television station website and dozens of other websites referred to a 2002 Research Triangle Institute and University of North Carolina study of two North Carolina schools — one with tile floors, and one with carpets. Investigators found that airborne allergens existed in higher concentration in the school with tiles. The article continues:

“Why? Carpet can hold a large amount of soil before it looks dirty. While it traps dust and dirt, it also holds potential allergens like mold spores and dander. Allergens cannot cause symptoms unless they become airborne and are able to be inhaled… Once trapped, allergens can be easily removed with vacuuming and steam cleaning.”

The article also mentions the report, “Carpet, Asthma and Allergy – Myth or Reality” that was compiled for the Carpet and Rug Institute by toxicologist Dr. Mitchell Sauerhoff, Ph.D., DABT. In that report, Dr. Sauerhoff writes that “with respect to asthma and allergies, multiple studies have reported fewer allergy and asthma symptoms associated with carpet.” The story refers readers to a special section on the Shaw website on carpet and allergies.

Thanks to Shaw and all CRI members who help spread the word on the scientific research into carpet use and allergies. This is good news about carpet and allergies!

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