Wax On… Wax Done

Take a look at the photos of the wax job, the before and after are just nice. This is what floors need to look like! Here’s the “before:”

Wax wood floor - before.jpg

And here’s the “after”:


I spent 2 1/2 days working with the floors, doing my best to bring life back into them. The steel wool 2/0 pads are just nasty from all the dirt we pulled out of the flooring. Here’s a picture of the used steel wool (on the left) compared with the new steel wool:

I spoke with my sales rep, Bill Costello, from Dura Seal, and since the floor was so dirty, we came up with a tailgate mixture over the phone to get it right cleaning the floor. Just to set the record straight, he said, “It is never good to mix up stuff on site, but because you know what to do and will follow my advice, do this with this stuff.” I did, and it looks great. If you need to mix up the “good stuff,” please call Bill; he be the man for the wax.

Wax wood floor – hallway.jpgThe “good stuff” pulled out the dirt and old wax from the wood, man did it ever get the dirt out. The last time the floors were done was over 10 years ago, and they were dry as a bone. The hallway looks great, and the before and after photos are just too good to be true. Now I did put on more wax than what it should have been, but it is so dry that I hope it will suck some in. I may have to go back and buff it in a little more.

I did speak with Bill, so he knows it worked out okay, sometimes you have got to bend the rules and make your own “good stuff.” However, he still has a boss to ask, “What did you tell him to do?” We all know how a boss can be. Hey boss man: He did me right, and it looks great, just an FYI …hope that helps, Bill! (LOL)

On to the next job, the 4 1/4 flat-cut red oak factory-finish install. I am sure it is ready to be installed and I know I am ready to bag it up. Still in the back of my head is that number thing with the meter, but we did everything right with the crawl space; it is in great shape so with the center layout and it nailed right, we will be good. Just an FYI: If you ever need a guide to the nails and how far apart they should be, plus how many nails you should use on the install, go to the Powernails web site, they have a cool thing that will tell you how many and how far apart based on the info you type in. I have used it a few times and dang if it does not work.

I still use a cleat, that’s just me, so staple folks, do not get all bent. I think a 1 3/4 cleat holds better for wood flooring. It lets it breathe and move without any T&G trouble. If you go under a home with 3/4 ply, you can see the cleat stick out some; if you use a 1 3/4 they do not stick out, so that tells me the nail is full into the subfloor and it will hold. The nail that is sticking out is holding nothing. Again, that is me, but I would like to hear what all y’all got to think about it.

Well it is rain locker time—someone stinks and I think it is me; it’s 99 degrees F today, and that is just hot.

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