Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

Beyond its modern, vibrant aesthetic, bamboo furniture, because of its multiple benefits, entices homemakers and decorators who are on the cutting edge of home design. Once you learn the benefits yourself, you may decide to replace your heavy, outdated furniture with eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo has been discussed and explored as a green material for several years now. We now realize that bamboo is not just used to make baskets, they make houses, boats, furniture, accessories, anything possible with bamboo!

Bamboo is one of the fast-growing giant grass, thus bamboo is the fastest absorber of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It also is a genuinely renewable resource, because, unlike hardwood, which once cut needs replanting to reproduce, bamboo can grow new shoots from its own root system.

As you may have assumed by its strong root system and ability to thrive in the wild, bamboo is incredibly strong and durable. Bamboo is so strong that it is also used to build boats, bridges and scaffolding.
Bamboo is more lightweight than hardwood, making it easier to transport and rearrange than heavy hardwood. Since bamboo furniture can be moved with ease, redecorating is a snap.
Because bamboo is more resistant to moisture than wood, it does not incur as much damage from contact with water. Bamboo will not rot like wood, and much to the relief of bug haters, it is termite resistant. And bamboo doesn’t react as drastically to moisture as hardwoods, so it maintains its size and shape.

Cleaning bamboo is a snap–just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

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