Hi Linda
As of last week, I had all the floors in my apartment replaced by a great installer, Paul F.  I wanted to thank you. I was able to begin my serious arguments and negotiations because of you and your report. It was nice working with you and if I ever need an inspector again, you’d be the first I’d call. Second, I just want you to know that I have continued to make referrals to
you throughout this building. I have spoke about you on our community Google site, spoke about you at community meeting, and have met with numerous people and  encouraged them to use you because not only do you a good job but because it is the necessary first step in resolving this flooring issue in our community.  Recently I spoke with Diane H. and I was happy to hear that you have another group of apartments to inspect tomorrow. Again, if you’d like, I will continue making referrals to you.

Hope to speak with you soon
Michele Delli Santi