Hardwood Flooring Problems- NOFMA-NWFA Certified Inspector-NJ, NY, PA

Linda Lockwood’s Wood Flooring Inspection Credentials:

Linda Lockwood possesses the highest Wood Flooring Inspection Credentials to provide in-depth failure analysis for all Solid, Engineered, Site and Factory Finished wood flooring complaints including; cupping, crowning, buckling, gaps, cracks, splits, knots, squeaks-noise, board damage, finish problems, insect infestation, and adhesive bond failures.

Wood flooring inspections require knowledge, experience and a well-trained inspector to determine the cause (s) of the failure. We recommend you interview and carefully choose the most credentialed inspector for your needs; the outcome of your complaint depends on the inspector’s expertise and final conclusion.

Most often inspections are commissioned by a manufacturer, distributor or retailer. The inspector’s findings are the same regardless of who hires them, but they are not at liberty to discuss their findings with you, or supply you with a copy of their report. After the inspection, you will wait to hear from your retailer or installer for the outcome of your claim, this process can be time-consuming and frustrating.

“Customers won’t love you if you give bad service, but your competitors will!” It is in your best interest to hire your own inspection; you take ownership of your claim, you are the only party the inspector can release their report to, and you are the only person the inspector can discuss their findings with. Owning your Inspection keeps you in control and readies you for the next step towards resolving your flooring complaint.

NOFMA, National Oak Flooring Manufacturer’s Association Certified Inspector program is by far the most comprehensive and credible of any wood flooring inspector certification program that existed. Although many inspectors have completed the course, only 20  inspectors have completed certification since 2002. The NOFMA program was intense and demanding, and on average took the inspector 2 years to obtain.
NWFA, National Wood Flooring Association developed its certification program in 1998 to recognize and promote wood flooring competence. NWFA Certified status is the industry mark of excellence and professional credibility. The NWFA currently offers the following certification programs

Wood flooring professionals who attain Certified Professional status with NWFA are committed to keeping their skills and knowledge at peak performance, and are recognized experts within the wood flooring industry.

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