Carpet Spot Cleaning Tips & Tricks

More often than not, spots on carpet are not permanent stains and may be removed with proper cleaning. The following instructions works on common spots caused by dripped or spilled beverages.

Spots that reappear a few days or a week after cleaning do so because the contaminant was not thoroughly removed from the carpet and wicked to the surface when drying, or the contaminant contained sugar (soda, juice) which leaves the carpet fibers sticky; sticky fiber quickly attracts soil.

Stains are often caused by something more permanent such as; magic markers, paint, hair dye, nail polish, blood, and lipstick.

How to remove common spots and spills from Carpet:  

Don’t Rub or Scrub!

  • For spills,  blot excess liquid up with white paper towels or terry towel. Mist with with warm water and repeat blotting. If you get the urge to rub and scrub, stand on the paper toweling/terry towel pressing your weight on the spot.
  • For dried spots mist with warm water and blot, leaving the spot as dry as possible.
  • Fold white paper towels to 1/2 inch thick- cover the entire spot- lay plastic sheeting on top of paper towels- completely cover the toweling with heavy weight (the heavier the better-cinder blocks, heavy books, tool boxes are good weights).
  • Leave overnight, then remove.
  • Repeat this process if the spot or discoloration is still visible after drying. Allow a few days drying time between treatments.

Sippy Cups and Baby Bottles:

  • Most Manufacturers of Sippy Cups claim they are leak proof, but the fact is most Sippy cups don’t spill but they do drip.
  • Small black/brown spots on the carpet are typical of Sippy Cups and Baby Bottles, as well as dripped beverages (coffee, soda, tea).
  • Drip spots are normally 1/4″ in diameter or smaller, and are located only on the tip of the tufts.
  • Drip spots typically respond well to cleaning with warm water and blotting. Repeat as needed.

What to do when the spot doesn’t respond to cleaning:

  • Contact a Professional Carpet Cleaner; be prepared to explain what caused the stain so the best course of action may be taken..
  • Visit the website of the Carpet Manufacturer or the Yarn Manufacturer for spot cleaning recommendations. (Wear Dated is an example of a yarn manufacturer)

More to come….,
Linda Lockwood
Statewide Floor Covering Inspection Service

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