Month: August 2012

  • Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

    Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

    Beyond its modern, vibrant aesthetic, bamboo furniture, because of its multiple benefits, entices homemakers and decorators who are on the cutting edge of home design. Once you learn the benefits yourself, you may decide to replace your heavy, outdated furniture with eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo has been discussed and explored as a green material for several…

  • Bamboo Flooring Reviews, Tips and Trends

    Bamboo Flooring Reviews, Tips and Trends

    Benefits of Strand Woven Bamboo As bamboo flooring is widely known for its inherent strength, strand woven bamboo takes it a step further for stronger, higher quality and aesthetically pleasing flooring. Achieved through distinct manufacturing processes, strand woven bamboo floors can transform any space into a high-class stylish retreat with ease of mind durability and…