Carpet Texture Retention Warranty

Most carpets possess a limited texture warranty. This means that for a specified amount of time from original purchase the carpet should keep its “texture” in the areas of ordinary foot traffic.

An important point here is that “texture retention” is defined (per warranty) as “the ability of the carpet tufts to retain their visible shape, as measured by the degree of blossomed, unraveling or untwisting of the tufts at the surface of the carpet.” It doesn’t mean crushing or matting of the carpet pile, which is a typical result from use over time. Keeping in mind that steps are excluded from most, if not all carpet manufacturer’s warranties.

Texture retention is measured against standard rating scales per ISO Standard 9405-1990. This standard rates carpet texture from a 5 (like new) to a 1 (severe change).

Statewide Floor Covering Inspection Service uses a CRI Retention Rating Scale as an aid in evaluating appearance change in carpet. These scales are widely used in grading laboratory specimens, such as those tested in a Hexapod or Vettermann Drum tester, and also for grading floor traffic specimens tested according to ASTM D-6119.
This series of reference scales is a revision of those previously adopted.

Each set of scales consists of six sets of digitally imaged increments of change, representing a five-point scale with intermediate half-steps. It is important that the scale be used by a qualified technician in accordance with the recommended practice as outlined in CRI Test Method (TM) 101

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Linda Lockwood
Statewide Floor Covering Inspection Service

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