Hire your own Flooring Inspector

Before contacting a flooring inspector gather the information related to your floor; retailer/installer and manufacturer information, product, style, size (square ft, yards); then prepare a list of your concerns to discuss with the inspector.

Conflict of Interest: Rule out conflict of interest by asking the inspector if they work for, or represent any party involved in your claim.

After describing your concerns ask the inspector if your claim appears to be valid and if they believe an inspection is warranted. The inspector may advise you not to proceed with an inspection if they can offer advise or they can’t be of help.

Ask how long they have been practicing in the flooring inspection profession: How many inspections they perform monthly and how many they’ve completed through the course of their career. The inspector should be able to provide his or her history in the profession and perhaps provide a few references.

Ask if they are Certified and experienced to inspect your product: There is no substitute for training and experience for each particular product, ask what qualifications the inspector has for the product you need inspected. If the inspection is for expensive wood carpet, hardwood flooring, or a commercial property, advanced expertise is needed and the inspector’s expertise should be discussed.

Ask if they participate in continuing education programs to keep their expertise up to date and maintain membership in a professional inspector associations. One can never know it all, and the inspector’s commitment to continuing education is a good measure of his or her
professionalism and service to the consumer.

Ask what the inspection covers: The inspector should ensure that their inspection and written inspection report will comply with industry standards and code of ethics. If there are any special issues you need addressed, be sure to identify them upfront.

How much will a flooring inspection cost? Costs vary according to the region, product, problem, size of the installation, scope of services, experience, qualifications and expertise of the inspector.

Before proceeding, perform whatever due diligence you deem appropriate to confirm the inspector is certified to inspect your product and is an active participant in the flooring inspection industry.

More to come….,
Linda Lockwood
Statewide Floor Covering Inspection Service

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