Solid Strand Bamboo Flooring Gaps

Solid Strand Bamboo Flooring Gaps

Solid strand bamboo floors shrink during the heating season just like wood flooring. But when bamboo planks are installed using the floating method they’re connected to each other and the floor shrinks and expands as a unit.

When indoor relative humidity drops below 35 percent, a 5.25” plank the planks begin to shrink. If the floor is installed in a 15’ room and the flooring averages 1/64” shrinkage per plank, the overall shrinkage would average 34/64”, or just little over ½’.

As the connected bamboo planks shrink the floor moves and gaps appear if the floor’s movement is stopped.

Gaps that develop at doorways, next to in-floor heat vents, at kitchen islands, columns, fireplace hearths, and walls should be evaluated by a Certified Flooring Inspector.

To minimize the risk of gapping, maintain humidity over 35%, install transitions at doorways, and maintain proper expansion space in the width and length direction- make sure nothing stops the floor from contracting and expanding as a unit.

Following maintenance and installation instructions is the key to a successful installation.