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  • Solid Strand Bamboo Flooring Gaps

    Solid Strand Bamboo Flooring Gaps

    Solid strand bamboo floors shrink during the heating season just like wood flooring. But when bamboo planks are installed using the floating method they’re connected to each other and the floor shrinks and expands as a unit. When indoor relative humidity drops below 35 percent, a 5.25” plank the planks begin to shrink. If the floor…

  • Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

    Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

    Beyond its modern, vibrant aesthetic, bamboo furniture, because of its multiple benefits, entices homemakers and decorators who are on the cutting edge of home design. Once you learn the benefits yourself, you may decide to replace your heavy, outdated furniture with eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo has been discussed and explored as a green material for several…

  • Bamboo Flooring Reviews, Tips and Trends

    Bamboo Flooring Reviews, Tips and Trends

    Benefits of Strand Woven Bamboo As bamboo flooring is widely known for its inherent strength, strand woven bamboo takes it a step further for stronger, higher quality and aesthetically pleasing flooring. Achieved through distinct manufacturing processes, strand woven bamboo floors can transform any space into a high-class stylish retreat with ease of mind durability and…

  • Bamboo Flooring is “It”

    Bamboo Flooring is “It”

    Bamboo is currently one of the “it” floors. Grass that looks like wood has everyone aflutter: chic designers, eco-trendy condo developers, value-conscious homeowners, as well as banks, post offices and showrooms seeking the mighty green seal of approval. Bamboo is strong, good-looking and, above all, kind to the environment. First, the basics behind the eco-hype:…

  • Natural, Spice and Cognac: One Year Later | Natural Interiors® Blog

    Natural, Spice and Cognac: One Year Later | Natural Interiors® Blog

    The new meeting-room floor installed more than a year ago at the Evergreen Holistic Learning Center had to promote health and stimulate positive, meaningful conversation. Brazilian Cherry simply would not do, Joan Barlage, Evergreen co-director, recalls thinking when she was looking at samples. “I would never take something out of a rainforest,” she says. Barlage…

  • Eco Friendly Furniture – Green Furniture – Eco Furniture – The Daily Green

    Eco Friendly Furniture – Green Furniture – Eco Furniture – The Daily Green

    EcoSystems Table It has gotten easier to find great furniture with style and value, and that also goes easier on the planet. For example, EcoSystems’ Glass Table has ingenious Snug-It Connectors that allow for their high quality furniture to be shipped flat (saving space), and assembled without tools. They also have a variety of wood…

  • Bamboo Iphone Case

    Bamboo Iphone Case

    Bamboo I-phone 4 shell Posted on August 17, 2011 by| Leave a comment I PHONE 4 SHELL,AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT GRAPHICS, MADE FROM 100% ECO-LOGICAL FRIENDLY BAMBOO. info by ASIA Bamboo via ASIA Bamboo | Bamboo Flooring,Panels,Veneer. [adsenseyu3][adsenseyu3]

  • ASIA Bamboo | Bamboo Flooring,Panels,Veneer

    ASIA Bamboo | Bamboo Flooring,Panels,Veneer

    Bamboo Clock Posted on August 17, 2011 by| Leave a comment elegant bamboo clock made from ecologically friendly bamboo materials,for indoor decorations. via ASIA Bamboo | Bamboo Flooring,Panels,Veneer

  • Indoor-Outdoor Bamboo Tile

    Indoor-Outdoor Bamboo Tile

    Ceramic tile has always been a popular bathroom flooring option because of its various colors, sizes and patterns. For environmentally conscious homeowners looking for a green bathroom flooring options, you can’t do much better than bamboo because of naturally harder and more durable. Bamboo bathroom tile is eco friendly. Bamboo tile is not same as…

  • Natural Bamboo Flooring – Eco Friendly – Comfort – Quality – Beautiful

    [adsenseyu3] Bamboo is a grass actually, not wood. Because bamboo doesn’t get any bigger after 4-6 years, wood will be bigger and bigger when years going. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, after 6 years, it has to be harvested or died by itself. Then new bamboo will come out.…