Carpet Roll and Pole Crush Marks

Roll or pole crush marks is a common condition seen in newly installed carpet. Roll or Pole crush marks develop as a result of weight of the carpet on top of itself during storage, or from the weight of other carpet rolls during transport. This causes a bending and compression of the pile yarns that can be seen as light or dark width-wise bands across a carpet. The bands vary in length and are spaced at increasing or decreasing intervals, depending on which end of the roll you look at.

Roll or pole crush marks will be more closely spaced as you get closer to the roll’s core, and will become increasingly wider spaced as the circumference of the carpet  increases with each wrap around the roll. From a storage standpoint, most manufacturers realize the potential for roll crush marks and try to avoid this occurrence by not storing rolls on top of each other.

Most rolls of carpet will exhibit some degree of roll crush immediately after the roll has been unwrapped. In most cases, minor roll crush will disappear after the yarn has been allowed sufficient time to “blossom” or undergo moisture regain. All but the most stubborn crush marks in carpet with nylon yarn systems usually can be removed with steam.

Restoration of roll crush marks can be hastened by pile lifting or steaming and grooming the carpet’s pile. Pile lifting and steaming will not affect the carpet’s stain resistance qualities.
Roll or Pole crush marks are not the result of a defect in the quality or workmanship of the carpet, and are typically serviced as a courtesy to the end user.

Statewide Inspection (NJ, NY, PA) uses high pressure Dry Vapor Steam to remove roll crush and minimize drying time.

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