Mohawk Rolls Out Strand Bamboo | from the floors up

Bamboo has generated plenty of interest in flooring because of its green attributes, but traditional bamboo floors have shortcomings. Because it’s a grass, not a wood, traditional bamboo is relatively soft. Mohawk has addressed this problem with new bamboo flooring that’s harder than oak—and uses 100% of the bamboo stalk.

Mohawk’s strand woven styles have been tested to be twice as hard as domestic oak. The Mohawk products are manufactured using all parts of the bamboo stalk for optimum green benefits, and they meet European E-1 Standards for low formaldehyde emissions. They can also contribute LEED points to an installation.

“Bamboo regenerates naturally, and can be harvested every five to seven years,” said Roger Farabee, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Mohawk. “That makes it a LEED recognized rapidly renewable resource. But the softness of traditional bamboo has been a limitation. Mohawk’s new strand woven bamboo is sturdy enough to allow the species to be used in both residential and commercial applications.”

Mohawk is introducing two new bamboo lines, Hilea in its Rarity Collection and Kahala in the Artiquity Collection.

Both bamboo lines will be available with Mohawk’s popular Uniclic® glueless installation system. This patented method allows for fast, easy angled or sliding installation on the sides of the plank. Even when space is tight, Uniclic will ensure a secure locking action. End joints feature a drop-lock that allows for an easy install.

Hilea offers environmentally friendly strand bamboo in natural and baked natural. Natural features Uniclic technology for easy, glueless installation. Baked natural also features Uniclic, but also is available with tongue and groove joints for nail or glue-down installation. Both feature a 25-year residential warranty and a 3-year medium commercial warranty. The product is either 3 ¾” wide (tongue and groove styles) or nominal 5” wide (Uniclic styles).

The Kahala line features unique handscraped visuals in an elegant nominal 5-inch plank width, showcasing bamboo’s new design options. Kahala features the Uniclic locking system of installation and has a 25-year residential warranty and a 3-year medium commercial warranty. Products come in five colors: Chestnut, Rustic Baked Natural, Light Ebony, Warm Cherry, and Warm Chocolate.

“This creates entirely new styling options and applications with bamboo,” Farabee said. “Bamboo now has fresh looks, new uses, and a powerful green story. Strand woven bamboo is having a major impact on this category.”

Strand woven bamboo’s sustainability and environmental benefits are another step in Mohawk’s GreenWorks, Mohawk’s umbrella program for environmental and sustainable initiatives. Mohawk is the leader in recycled and renewable flooring, and one of the largest recyclers in the flooring industry. Mohawk’s goal is to develop processes and products that allow the company to focus on the five “Rs” of the GreenWorks platform: reduce, recover, reuse, renew, and recycle. Strand woven bamboo reduces waste and utilizes a rapidly renewable resource. Learn more about Mohawk Greenworks at


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