Bamboo Flooring is “It”

Bamboo is currently one of the “it” floors. Grass that looks like wood has everyone aflutter: chic designers, eco-trendy condo developers, value-conscious homeowners, as well as banks, post offices and showrooms seeking the mighty green seal of approval.

Bamboo is strong, good-looking and, above all, kind to the environment.

First, the basics behind the eco-hype: Bamboo is a great alternative to wood because it replenishes itself quickly and on its own. When the stalks are harvested, the root system remains, protecting against runoff and sprouting new growth.

Bamboo grows like the weed it is: as much as a foot a day, reaching full height within six months and harvest strength in four years. A tree, by contrast, must be replanted and takes 20 to 120 years to mature to harvest.

Bamboo flooring earns builders a point with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. But oversight of specific bamboo producers is lacking. What the Forest Stewardship Council does for wood products, rating suppliers for sustainability practices, has yet to be established for bamboo.

More to come….,
Linda Lockwood
Statewide Floor Covering Inspection Service

Certified Bamboo Flooring Inspector
New Jersey-New York- Eastern Pennsylvania


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