Indoor-Outdoor Bamboo Tile

Ceramic tile has always been a popular bathroom flooring option because of its various colors, sizes and patterns. For environmentally conscious homeowners looking for a green bathroom flooring options, you can’t do much better than bamboo because of naturally harder and more durable.

Bamboo bathroom tile is eco friendly. Bamboo tile is not same as ceramic or stone but it is an amazing an option for your bath because bamboo is a fast growing, sustainable, natural material.

Bamboo bathroom tile is composed from strand woven bamboo with plastic platform. Strand woven bamboo is much harder than oak, maple. Strand woven bamboo is one of best materials for exterior and outdoor. Bamboo decking has been used in gardens and parks for years because it is long lasting, mold and split resistant.

Because bathroom floors are frequently wet, regular flooring can’t be used because the flooring will swell and discolor. Bamboo tile is the perfect solution for wet areas like bathrooms, gardens, swimming pools and saunas. Bamboo tiles are waterproof, mold resistant and never swell. Bamboo bathroom tile is an eco-friendly option that brings a natural feel into the bathroom along with a contemporary feel.



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