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Carpet Wear

Since nylon is highly abrasion resistant, foot traffic has very little effect on this fiber. To capitalize on this, wear warranties were issued on all nylon constructions to publicize the fact that nylon would not wear away. Unfortunately, in the consumer’s mind, the definition of wear has been … [Read more...]

Carpet Texture Retention Warranty

Most carpets possess a limited texture warranty. This means that for a specified amount of time from original purchase the carpet should keep its "texture" in the areas of ordinary foot traffic. An important point here is that "texture retention" is defined (per warranty) as "the ability of the … [Read more...]

Carpet Spot Cleaning Tips & Tricks

More often than not, spots on carpet are not permanent stains and may be removed with proper cleaning. The following instructions works on common spots caused by dripped or spilled beverages. Spots that reappear a few days or a week after cleaning do so because the contaminant was not thoroughly … [Read more...]

Carpet- Filtration Soil

Carpet- Filtration Soil

Soil filtration lines in carpet are distinct lines of discoloration caused by fine particle soils, referred to as micro occlusion soils in the air and oily vapors being drawn through the nap of carpet and other fabrics. The source of filtration soil in a house is typically coal or wood burning … [Read more...]